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Restaurant refresh: Save time and money

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In order to compete in the restaurant industry, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology. Once you’ve found the right technology to best serve your customers, it’s equally as important to work with an experienced team that can implement new technology throughout your entire brand quickly. Whether you have one or 4,000 locations, find out how restaurants are partnering with logistics companies to save time, money and headaches.

Save time with smart transportation and storage

Important safety updates that regulate driving hours have shifted the way the transportation industry operates. While it may seem like this negatively affects your pricing, it doesn’t have to. By working with an experienced team that knows how to optimize shippable FF&E and build truckloads, your business experiences minimized damages due to handling and a reduction in lost freight, both resulting in cost and time savings.

Scott Perry, president of Global Logistics for Suddath®, says restaurants can save money by working with a partner that has a large enough network to set up forward staging warehousing near delivery sites. Oftentimes, unforeseeable circumstances, such as weather, unobtained permits and installation complications, mean a company needs to keep items in storage for longer than expected.

Having items stored in nearby warehouses also saves money because your restaurant business doesn’t have to pay for long hauls back and forth. Plus, the items are readily available and can be delivered quickly when it comes time for installation.

Flexible and global—a winning combination

A strong partner will build solutions unique to your restaurant that offer flexibility and scalability while working as an extension of your team.

“Oftentimes a customer doesn’t have the staff available for a project within the necessary timeframe. We provide everything they need—from project management to communication and execution—while keeping the customer’s goals and objectives a top priority,” Perry said.

Another service restaurants can benefit from when they work with a global company is international freight forwarding.

“Working with a company that has the resources and global reach to pick up equipment from any original equipment manufacturer in the world means restaurants don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting the product here,” Perry said. “And, they have access to expert guidance for customs clearance and other international hurdles."

When it comes to installation, it’s imperative your equipment arrives at destination undamaged. If an item is unusable, not only will the equipment need to be fixed or replaced, but your company will lose additional money if an installation team is already onsite. These scenarios can cause delays that ultimately affect your bottom line.

Perry recommends looking for a partner that has both experience and adaptability.

“Because we’ve been in the industry 100 years, we have the expertise necessary to properly move advanced equipment. But we still focus on innovation. It’s important to work with a company that keeps up with industry changes and can quickly adapt to a unique situation.”

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