Smart supply-chain management is today’s route to bigger profits

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With sales and profits still softening, smart management of a restaurant’s supply chain can be the way to sustain profits. But managing the process astutely requires accurate, insightful measurement of what’s happening before and after products arrive at the back door. And that’s where many operators get tripped up.

Fortunately, the process of supplying a restaurant generates ample information. The data just needs to be captured and digested into intelligence. An accurate assessment of costs and sales impact can steer an operator toward direct freight, where the product moves straight from the manufacturer to the distribution center.

The process can be overwhelming for an operator. A specialist in the field of supply chain efficiency, KINEXO, analyzes supply chain data in order to find efficiencies and cost savings.

The information is granular in detail. For any given item, the captured data includes case specifications, case costs, freight costs, pallet configuration, shelf life and what temperature is required in storage and transit to keep the product fresh and safe.               

With that data, KINEXO can specify how the supply process can be managed for maximum efficiency, so costs are held in check and the risk of product shortages is minimized. KINEXO does this on a dynamic basis, providing restaurant customers with timely solutions to potential supply problems—often before the operator has even realized the risk.

The driver shortage being faced by the freight industry is making it more critical than ever to make sure every truck running up and down the road is being maximized to its full capacity.  This data allows KINEXO to work with customers to make sure this is occurring which leads to a more efficient and low cost supply chain.

Having a personalized supply chain solution that is data driven also adds value to a business by improving transparency, maximizing operating efficiency and increasing reliability. It ensures opportunities are not missed, and profits are maximized.

To learn more about how KINEXO can help operators efficiently manage their supply chain decisions and how supply-chain management can benefit a business, visit www.gokinexo.com

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