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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Time to set up the outdoors

Rooftops and patios can be a big draw—if the upfront costs add up.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Radical transitions

KFC is tinkering with a new health-minded concept, while also testing life as a retailer. And those aren't the only transformations that snared attention.

With new indoor and outdoor equipment, grilling and smoking have been made easy. Here are the key issues to consider when purchasing a new grill/smoke setup for your shop.

With their typical bland colors and limited materials palette, one would assume that not much thought is given to selecting the workman-like coverings for walls and ceilings in restaurant kitchens— and it’s easy to see why it might appear that way: If no one is going to see it, does it really matter what goes on them?

Whether you’re grilling in your kitchen or outdoors, here’s how to find the grill that’s right for your operation.

As storage space contracts, chains are getting resourceful with everything from shelves to ceiling height and inventory.

From chains based overseas to a boozy ice cream tavern, here are the fresh concepts to follow.

We present 50 smart, trend-forward ideas that have hit the restaurant industry throughout the year.

The industry needs to know how these issues will be resolved, one way or another.

When the happy talk is all about taxes, you know this was a good spell for restaurants. Also on the plus side: a cover-up for breastaurants, a lovefest for the big burger chains and bitcoins make an inroad.

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