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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

This week's restaurant nightmares: 'What's so funny?'

The humor and goodwill intended by some restaurants this week was taken far differently by the public, once again underscoring the need for caution in the age of social media.


Taco Bell maximizes small space with shipping-container design

Corrugated-metal, pre-fab unit being tested in L.A.

An ebbing tide lowers all boats, as most restaurant operations can attest at the moment. Then there are the situations more akin to a shipwreck. Here are some high-profile chains that are still struggling mightily to right themselves.

The average check also slipped as chains tried to lure patrons with deals.

Customer paging systems have moved far beyond the days of the microphone and public address system. Today’s equipment combine sophisticated paging capabilities with increased opportunities for promotion and customer data collection.

Say the word “steamer” front-of-house, and you’re referring to a soft-shell clam. Say “steamer” back-of-house, and you’re talking about one of the most-used pieces of cooking equipment.

Sizzling plates of fajitas travel from kitchen to dining room many times a day at each of the more than 1,500 Chili’s restaurants.

Operators say the right kitchen display system can streamline order fulfillment and costs.

The model has been proven, but not without painful lessons for the early adapters. Here are some best practices for making the approach work.

The c-store and restaurant chain is testing a way of discouraging abusers from shooting up in its bathrooms.

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