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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

The shifting cost of being an employer

The Trump administration takes on tip pooling, insurance costs and overtime.


Congress slips a tip safeguard into omnibus spending bill

The measure expressly prohibits employers from keeping tips when sharing gratuities with back-of-house staff.

The casual chain is looking at kitchen-only formats after shrinking the size and tweaking the back of house of its conventional stores.

Bad financial results have restaurant chain executives citing all kinds of factors for their top- and bottom-line difficulties, from an unexciting football season to high legal fees. Do they have a case? It depends.

A new CIA restaurant addresses wage gaps.

Operators are employing science, Instagrammable presentations, off-premise innovation and more to drive scoop sales.

While many factors go into a restaurant food safety program, avoiding time-temperature abuse along the supply chain is critical. A variety of equipment, labeling systems and temperature-measurement technology is available to ensure food safety.

When it comes to this year's crop of new products, once again it's all about "green."

A restaurant’s success depends on many factors, but maintaining proper safety and sanitation standards is at the top of the list.

Restaurant brands are driving engagement, enhancing value and generating buzz with innovative uses of food and drink containers.

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