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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Boundaries smashed

Instead of heeding what normally are yellow lights, restaurants stomped on the gas and crashed through barriers this week.


5 big ideas from the NRA Show

The restaurant industry's annual gathering yielded some unconventional approaches to common problems, from sky-high delivery fees to lowering labor costs.

The proactive approach. Enforcing proper food safety procedures is crucial to the well-being of your customers; however, keeping employees safe in the workplace is equally essential.

Water—whether it's used in your equipment or served to your patrons--is vitally important to your operation. Today, being "water wise" means using water efficiently in your equipment and merchandising it effectively to your customers.

Today’s dinnerware allows restaurants to strut their personal style with pieces that are affordable and flexible enough for every type of operation.

Many restaurateurs have been expanding their businesses remotely via catering, but to be successful, you must have the proper equipment.

Wait—isn't Halloween still weeks away? That didn't spare restaurants from the sort of scary stories that are usually told around a campfire. The evil this time came from snakes, clowns and liars.

The new design features a drive-thru and revamped soda fountain area.

More chains are giving a self-delivery/third-party hybrid a try.

This year saw some challenging developments.

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