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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

A few restaurant setbacks in 2017

This year saw some challenging developments.


Immigration authorities mount crackdown in Calif.

This time, 77 businesses, including an unspecified number of restaurants, were alerted that all employees' I-9 forms would be checked. The demand landed employers in a tug of war between federal and state authorities.

Confusion over who's who has caused some problems for the restaurant industry and its allies this week. But that doesn't mean a restaurant can act on certain particulars of a person's ID, as one establishment painfully learned.

The company CEO says it will assess its training and response after the arrest of two black men for allegedly trespassing at one of its stores.

There’s no end in sight to the food hall trend, but as competition grows, new concepts have to go beyond the standard formula to show why they’re worth visiting.

Why's an operator cheering a possible upswing in food prices? And has Maine's governor hit on a new way of getting restaurant employees' lobbying help? Those are just some of the questions that were posed by surprising developments of the past week.

A local landmark, the Big Chicken KFC becomes a sales leader for the chain.

Looking at the most recent crop of new products, one thing seems clear: Equipment companies are listening more closely to the needs of operators. It’s no longer just about adding bells and whistles. Today, if a new piece of equipment isn’t greener, cleaner or smaller, it’s not going to make the cut.

It's all about the heat. Today’s ranges—gas, electric or induction—can help you maximize energy dollars by heating more quickly and efficiently. If your range or cooktop needs replacing or you’re thinking of expanding your cooking choices, here are some options to consider.

Attendees at this month’s NAFEM Show in Orlando will be confronted with the usual mind-boggling array of equipment, everything from mammoth, industrial-strength dishwashers down to pocket-sized meat thermometers. The single unifying factor—maximized performance that justifies the expense of new equipment.

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