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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

7 remedies for restaurant problems arriving tomorrow

Potholes, dead ahead! The first two days of the Restaurant Leadership Conference brought to light a number of looming problems--as well as some possible solutions.


This week’s restaurant nightmares: Killer complaints

Even mild griping can escalate quickly in the age of social media into a business-killing (or building) controversy, as restaurants learned this week.

All broilers have a common objective: to sear meat with high heat and create a signature branding. The similarities end there. It’s no wonder there is some broiler category confusion.

When it comes to the big energy users in your kitchen, refrigerators are way up there. The average walk-in operates at full capacity 16 to 18 hours a day.

With the ever-increasing popularity of smoothies, frozen yogurt and frozen alcoholic beverages, chilled treats have found a place on the menu all year long. To keep up with that popularity, beverage and dessert machines are easier than ever to operate and offer a wider range of products.

We asked restaurateurs experienced in off-site service to tell us what items, beyond the obvious essentials, they won’t leave the restaurant without.

Class action alleges no-tipping policies are "conspiracy" to raise menu prices.

The pain foisted on restaurants this week wasn't always deserved—just ask Chipotle. But that's what made those predicaments so nightmarish.

A BDO report says sales weakness and higher wages put a crimp in chains’ profits.

The revised format features a special to-go area and a new beverage line.

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