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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Screen savers

Operators say the right kitchen display system can streamline order fulfillment and costs.


How to succeed with a service charge

The model has been proven, but not without painful lessons for the early adapters. Here are some best practices for making the approach work.

The c-store and restaurant chain is testing a way of discouraging abusers from shooting up in its bathrooms.

Count Mother Nature squarely among the parties generating the loudest buzz, along with a hotelier in a new job and a one-time online bookseller.

The company is recalling cream cheese out of an "abundance of caution" and says nobody was sickened.

The chain intends to pull out of the Plenti expanded loyalty network in May.

The officials stress that they have no confirmation the chain was where eight people contracted the bacteria.

While there are certainly a number of back-end challenges when it comes to partnering with a delivery service, there’s another problematic area: loyalty.

Its winning recipe combines convenience, value and a smart marketing strategy.

The average check also slipped as chains tried to lure patrons with deals.

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