New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Customer paging systems evolve

Customer paging systems have moved far beyond the days of the microphone and public address system. Today’s equipment combine sophisticated paging capabilities with increased opportunities for promotion and customer data collection.


Fast and functional speed-cook ovens

A new generation of small “speed-cook” ovens is on the market, using various combinations of heat transfer including microwaves, convection blowers, hot air impingement and infrared browning elements. They’re creating an entire, new oven category.

Today's blenders offer more control and less noise. Here's a look at key issues to consider when buying a new blender.

Paper and plastic ware can be a very important part of your operation, in terms of both price point and customer convenience. Here are some tips to help in your buying.

For a generation that’s grown up watching Iron Chef and considers dining out a necessity, the restaurant experience needs drama, action and stagecraft to stand out. While open kitchens and display cooking are not new concepts, more operators are giving guests “a peek behind the foodservice curtain.”

With the rise in vendor-prepared foods, cook-chill methods and batch production techniques, the role of warming and holding equipment has grown in importance. Here are the prime considerations when looking to buy.

Purchase decisions hinge on the type and volume of dishware to clean and kitchen space. Water usage has also become a major issue in recent years.

The tabletop category includes glassware, dinnerware and flatware or silverware—all of which represent a major investment and an ongoing expense for replacement.

While many factors go into a restaurant food safety program, avoiding time-temperature abuse along the supply chain is critical. A variety of equipment, labeling systems and temperature-measurement technology is available to ensure food safety.

With new indoor and outdoor equipment, grilling and smoking have been made easy. Here are the key issues to consider when purchasing a new grill/smoke setup for your shop.