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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Into the oven

Made-to-order pizza concepts rely on speedy, high-temperature ovens to fire up customized pizzas.


This week’s 6 head-spinning moments: Fashion benders

Restaurants influenced more than food trends this week. Just ask those waifs in outlandish outfits who strutted the runways this week in New York City.

Restaurateurs will have a chance to comment on the revision proposed by the FDA.

Delivery is just a small portion of the off-premise market, but it’s growing at a rapid clip—both in terms of consumer demand and operator execution.

A lawsuit accusing the chain of duping customers with underfilled drinks was thrown out by a federal court.

The so-called glove law sometimes appears to be ignored by fine-dining establishments. Advice Guy weighs in.

Former restaurateur and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney showed sympathy for franchising's plight if an expanded definition of the concept should stand. He promised to have the White House take a look.

Woe to the restaurant that won't change with the times. But some recent results of social and business pressures were real head-scratchers, including developments at Sonic and Starbucks.

Burger King riles a whole country, ICE savors the handiwork of the very people it’s apprehending, restaurants discover an unknown party is running their websites, and a dress code is slammed as racist.

The proactive approach. Enforcing proper food safety procedures is crucial to the well-being of your customers; however, keeping employees safe in the workplace is equally essential.

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