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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

5 famous failed diversifications

Chipotle's discontinuation of ShopHouse is the latest instance of a secondary concept looking good on paper but not living up to expectations. Here are a few other spectacular examples.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Reverse is the new forward

Some big chains are reversing themselves on customization, delivery, portioning and new-age staffing moves.

The burrito chain is showing a change of heart with such moves as trying a drive-thru.

With the rise in vendor-prepared foods, cook-chill methods and batch production techniques, the role of warming and holding equipment has grown in importance. Here are the prime considerations when looking to buy.

Diners have come to expect a side of crisp, golden-brown bread accompanying their breakfast orders. At lunchtime, toast is a must-have as the basis of a classic club and other sandwiches. So having a toaster that can deliver the goods quickly and consistently is essential.

Well-designed display cases can improve operational efficiencies, create competitive differentiation and increase sales.

Restaurant operators provide guidelines on how to prepare for the inevitable power outage, from preparing crash kits to petitioning for grid upgrades.

Deep cleans should be viewed as a chance for team building, not discipline, Advice Guy says.

A test of wine delivery is set to follow next month.

Not all criteria that point to a strong investment can be found on a spreadsheet.

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