Papa John’s adds new layer of ordering tech

papa johns exterior

In a bid to keep pace with myriad ordering options debuting from major chains, Papa John’s has upped its ante, enabling customers to place orders via Apple TV.

The new app—through which patrons can place a past order as well as create a new one via its “pizza builder”—automatically applies a 25% discount to orders and can access the address and payment information of Papa John’s account holders, streamlining the process.

“Pizza and entertainment are a natural fit,” Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said in a statement. “With the launch of our Apple TV app, we’re hoping to make family movie night and friend gatherings around the TV even more enjoyable by delivering the same quality product and experience our customers expect in a convenient and interactive way.”

Rival Domino’s also offers ordering via an Apple product, the Apple Watch, as well as through Samsung Smart TV; however, those platforms pull a customer’s saved order, known as an “Easy Order,” rather than allowing for in-app customization.

Adding fuel to the tech fire, chains like Taco Bell and Burger King have in recent months tested bot ordering using a variety of social networks and chat platforms.


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