Pocono Produce Company Launches New Brand

STROUDSBURG, PA (April 30, 2013)—Pocono Produce Co., Inc., ranked 49 in ID Report's list of the nation’s independent food distribution companies, announced a company rebranding, which includes a new look, increased services, and name change to Pocono ProFoods. The goal is to connect over 70 years of history to the company’s vision for the future.

Founded in 1940 by Edward K. Driebe as Pocono Produce Company, Pocono ProFoods outgrew its name a long time ago. In the 1950s, it was one of the early pioneers that embraced selling frozen food as it grew in popularity, and never stopped adding categories, ranging from grocery items to fresh meats and seafood.

“Although produce remains a very important aspect of our business, Pocono ProFoods just better describes who we are, what we do, and where we are going,” said Terrence Snyder, president of Pocono ProFoods.  “We still remain an independent family-owned business which is now operated by the second and third generations.”

Snyder continued, “It seems simple now, but we struggled for many years explaining to prospective customers that we do much more than produce. We are in a unique position since we are rebranding to create an identity that matches what we deliver versus other companies that strive to live up to their name.” Their mission is summed up by their new tagline-Always Serving You!

Pocono ProFoods serves independent and multi-location restaurants, schools, institutions, and universities throughout twelve states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.


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