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Consumer Trends

Study reveals which QSR brands customers feel most connected to

These 10 quick-service brands are creating a bond with diners more effectively than others.

Consumer Trends

Teens name top 7 restaurant chains

One brand stood out among the eateries preferred by teens, who continue to spend more at restaurants than they do at clothing stores.

See what restaurants are using as consumer bait.

Now in the recovery stage, operators are doing whatever they can to get their diners back up and running and ensure the safety and stability of affected employees.

These chains are taking a different tack to drawing pigskin fans this fall.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they were most likely to order last month based on the name and description.

Keep tabs on operators' latest strategies for ensuring their restaurants are worthy of the perfect Instagram shot.

Here’s how restaurants can promote value without focusing on price alone.

Here’s how restaurants are sharing sustainability efforts without sounding preachy or putting customers to sleep.

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