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Emerging Brands

Catching up with the Future 50 graduates

Twelve chains from last year's ranking outgrew the list. Where are they now?


Amid ‘awakening,’ Black-owned restaurants see a boost

Many reported sales spikes in recent weeks as lists of Black-owned businesses circulate online.

They could be “the tip of the iceberg,” as one CEO warned.

Officials in Milwaukee, New York and elsewhere have lifted restrictions with little warning, and restaurants’ reactions have been mixed.

Already facing systemic damages, Black-owned restaurants face challenges with the coronavirus shutdown and now looting and violence.

The ice cream chain’s words stood out in the midst of widespread racial unrest.

Widespread protests and violence has forced some operators to delay long-awaited reopenings from the coronavirus shutdown.

Several chains and countless independents expressed solidarity as the movement swept the country.

The Gandhi Mahal restaurant called for justice following the death of George Floyd.

Slowly returning diners and government limits on dine-in service are making for a hesitant comeback.

Restaurants in Montana and Oklahoma are restocking the fastest, even as those in West Virginia, Rhode Island and New Mexico are hitting their low points, according to new purchasing data.

Chuck E. Cheese’s delivery-only offshoot made waves on social media, but it’s far from the first chain to go undercover on third-party apps.

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