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U.S. reps call for investigation of delivery services

Market concentration has given the companies unfair leverage over restaurants, the officials wrote in a letter to the FTC.


3 unique delivery models to watch

These companies aim to be more restaurant-friendly, with lower fees and more focused service.

The off-premise-only facilities are taking off, while lots of restaurants are still struggling. Some say ghost kitchens are a solution.

Diners see pros and cons, but ultimately view the technology as inevitable, a new study found.

The company will use the money to develop partnerships and integrations as contactless technology proliferates.

Nearly three-fourths of consumers said they would buy groceries at a restaurant, but less than a quarter of restaurants offer them, according to research by Coca-Cola.

Guests can scan a QR code at the restaurant to order and pay, for here or to go.

The multiyear agreement could be especially significant this season as more fans watch from home and potentially order more delivery.

Many are leaning on technology for its ability to reduce human contact and human error.

The investment in Virtual Kitchen Co. is another sign of growth for the delivery-only facilities.

DoorDash becomes the chicken chain’s largest delivery provider after an exclusive deal with Grubhub fell apart.

Products that use UV rays to purify the air are popping up in restaurants.

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