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Dastardly dessert deeds

Why do people think they can bring dessert to a restaurant? Is this common?

Free lunch

I came up with an hourly meal credit system to manage cost, but it's not working. 

What is the best protocol to follow when a customer orders a menu item with ingredients clearly stated and then wants to send it back?

How do restaurants know they are not going to lose their shirt, or even worse, their reputation, by trying to do a good thing?

Washington doesn’t allow for any offset to its high level of minimum wage, making waitstaff compensation very generous.

What are the national averages, in percentages, for a successful restaurant concept’s P&L in the 175-seat, casual eatery category?

What are the most profitable snack bar items? Here are examples in each category that analyze revenue and controllable expenses

How can I fix our walk-in floors and appease the Health Department?

How can I increase cash flow in this era of credit cards and coupon discounting?

How do we quantify results for the investment we are making in social media marketing? 

Regular good tippers sometimes get better service than new or occasional diners.

When planning a new menu for the summer, how do you plan for inflation?

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