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Burger King adds Uber Eats to its delivery roster

The company brings in another provider as multicompany delivery strategies catch on.


Is Wendy’s a buyer or a seller?

The burger chain, beset by regular merger reports, believes it has plenty of growth without buying or selling, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Operators say the company pressured suppliers not to attend a recent National Owners Association meeting.

The company plans to fold its Holler & Dash brand into the newly acquired fast-casual concept following the $36 million deal.

The company says that it can quickly generate up to 10% of its sales via the morning daypart. RB’s The Bottom Line examines how.

Chanticleer Holdings is merging with a biotech company that develops cancer drugs and plans to spin off its restaurants.

The company says its same-store sales rose to their strongest level in four years following the return of the popular product.

Restaurants continue to depend on check growth as customer count falls.

Facing sales pressure from other types of restaurants, the pizza giant is trying late-night hours and delivery insurance.

Sun Holdings, which also owns the Taco Bueno brand and operates several franchises, bought locations in four states and the right to develop 47 more.

On this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive," franchising experts Matthew Haller and Keith Miller debate the riskiness of operating a franchise business.

The Denver-based burger chain operator named CFO Ryan Zink acting CEO.

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