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What’s the next step for Papa John’s?

Here’s why the chain will need to make big changes, and probably needed to even before John Schnatter’s racial slur, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


Black Box: Same-store sales improve in June

Takeout orders helped boost casual dining, but traffic was still a problem.

The founder leaves the company after word that he used a racial slur in a conference call.

The brand plans to open 1,500 units in the country over the next decade.

Co-founder Erik Oberholtzer has been named executive chairman of the fast-casual chain.

Ballard Brands and a local investor paid $8 million for chef Jose Garces’ restaurants out of bankruptcy.

The company’s founder allegedly used a racial slur during a conference call with its marketing agency.

Chad Schafer, McDonald’s senior director of menu innovation, discusses the chain’s improvement efforts in "A Deeper Dive."

She will join the company’s board and will work to help with its business and marketing.

CKE Restaurants also named Kerry Olson chief legal officer.

With a decade past since the downturn, RB’s The Bottom Line takes a look at how the industry has grown and changed.

The company’s stock fell on Tuesday after an analyst downgrade that cited its innovation challenges.