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For some chains, supplies of fresh ground beef shrink, and prices soar

Supply challenges have put some stress on Wendy’s and other chains that use fresh beef for burgers.


How Dunkin’ franchisees are expected to weather the coronavirus storm

Federal assistance, cost cuts, tax changes and other efforts are intended to help operators’ cash flow.

The burger giant is adjusting to a new normal and expects that some of the changes will last for some time.

The 28-unit Florida-based chain received $6.4 million in stimulus funds and blamed the coronavirus shutdown for its problems.

Habit Burger, Pizza Hut and KFC saw their digital orders soar as consumers shifted their ordering habits.

The fast-food chain operator is working to help struggling franchisees but suggests outside investors could step in, too.

Scott Svenson, co-founder of the fast-casual pizza chain, joins this week’s episode of “A Deeper Dive” to discuss the company’s strategy for dealing with the COVID-19 shutdown.

The fast-casual concept is taking issue with the agency’s requirement that a company can’t be in bankruptcy to receive funds, even though other companies filed for protection after receiving approval.

The coronavirus has cost it more than $900 million in revenue, and the company said things will get worse before they get better.

Tory Bartlett was named chief operating officer and brand lead of Schlotzsky’s

With a lot of operators in dire straits, expect banks to give them breaks—but the post-pandemic lending market could be very different, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Fat Brands says it expects to close a deal by the end of this quarter as prices fall and flexibility increases.

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