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Gun groups take aim at restaurants

It’s rare to hear of dog owners rising up in protest when an business posts a “No dogs” sign on the door. But when the sign says “No guns,” restaurateurs are finding themselves under fire.


The wonderful wizards of the workplace

The best employers provide something far greater—benefits that matter to real people, a “no-place-like-home” culture and a road toward growth.

Advertising characters such as Ronald McDonald that people have been familiar with since childhood continue to affect food decisions once they become adults.

For this in-demand set, one size does not fit all.

If you really want to understand restaurant consumers, pay attention to what they do as much as what they say.

Denny’s scored a touchdown with its college bowl-related tweet. What’s the secret to its success? I give you four reasons.

"Innovative" and "amazing" describe Zagat’s top-rated spots in 20 cities.

The new issue of Restaurant Business marks a redesign—and a reinvention. See what's new, and find out why we dedicated our entire January issue to the consumer.

In the new book “A Century of Restaurants” author Rick Browne points out a number of “truths” shared by restaurants that have enjoyed long-term success.

As "Breakfast Queen" Ina Pinkey prepares to retire and close her iconic Chicago restaurant this month, she shares some parting views on women in the industry, owning a restaurant and the future of her brand.

Too-spicy flavor may be blamed for Mighty Wings' lackluster sales at McDonald's, but new research finds that consumers actually don't mind a little extra heat. In fact, in some cases, it may bring them in the door.

The Figure Drawing course I took in college hardly qualifies me to be an art critic. (Full disclosure: My enrollment in that class may have been more about shouldering up to a cute guy and earning some “easy credits” than a genuine love of the arts.) But one doesn’t need a fine arts degree to appreciate the power of Natalie Sept’s paintings.

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