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Nostalgia in marketing isn't just for older generations

Technomic's Take: Parents and older family members can induce feelings of second-hand nostalgia and FOMO. It's why catering to parents of young children is so important.


Yes, you can operate a sustainable restaurant in a small town

Technomic's Take: Black Valley Provender in Everett, Penn., shows how a restaurant can operate in a small town using local ingredients and higher-priced menus.

Technomic's Take: More than half of operators were affected by extreme weather last year, a number bound to increase. But how will consumers respond? Is extreme weather the new craveability?

Technomic's Take: Younger consumers are less likely to say prices are increasing. Is it their short attention span or their short time on earth?

Technomic's Take: Many restaurant operators are considering dynamic pricing strategies. They should tread carefully.

Technomic's Take: Women are far more likely to say they order from restaurants because they don't have the energy to cook. Here's how operators should respond to that need.

Technomic's Take: Restaurants need to rethink their pricing strategy. While that may not mean lowering menu prices, there is one operator doing just that.

Technomic's Take: Restaurant menu price inflation continues to tick up. But consumers are showing few signs of cutting back on eating out.

Technomic's Take: Restaurant traffic during the snacking daypart plunged last year. How should operators prepare once diners come back?

Technomic's Take: Younger consumers are not cutting back because of higher prices. But they are looking for the right deal. Here's how operators should respond.

Technomic's Take: Diners' new year's resolutions include cutting back and eating healthier. How should restaurants respond?

Technomic's Take: Consumers are far more likely to cite a lack of time in explaining why they dine out than any other reason. Here's what this means for your restaurant.

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