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A sea of technology

This executive chef keeps guests entertained with fish apps that put sustainability info at the user’s fingertips.


Invasive species on the menu

Bun Lai, chef-owner of Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, Connecticut, came up with a creative solution to sustainable sourcing: he menus the very fish that are threatening the ecosystem.

Sustainability continues to be a driver when it comes to buying and menuing seafood. But the criteria for sustainable seafood is confusing.

The Restaurant Business annual Restaurant Growth Index can direct you to the best opportunities for your next location. But there are may mistakes to avoid after that.

Indra Nooyi came aboard PepsiCo in 1994 to steer the foodservice division, visiting front- and back-of-the house operations across America.

Many, many weight loss diets come and go, but the sad fact is Americans have gotten fatter every year since 1990. While restaurants have been the easy-to-blame scapegoats for this obesity epidemic, they’re not the only ones at fault, said Dr. Jim Painter at the innovation session entitled “Your Brain on Food: Why Consumers Eat As They Do” held on Monday, March 26 during the 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Everyone who eats or cooks is free to hang up a virtual shingle and call themselves a culinary “expert.” Blogs, Yelp!, Twitter, Foodspotting—they’ve democratized (some would say degraded) the arts of restaurant reviewing and recipe writing.

One might think that local ingredients are hard to come by during a Massachusetts winter.

Fresh To Order—a.k.a. “f2o”—is an expanding concept defining the new niche of “fast fine” food. The goal: to offer freshly made meals for around...

The burger business is hotter than ever. Half of consumers say they eat a burger at least once a week compared to 38 percent two years ago, notes Technomic...

These busy restaurant chefs find time to tweet in the middle of dinner prep—and throughout the day. The authenticity of the tweets reveals that they’re coming from the chefs themselves—not a social media intern sitting behind the scenes. Here are the most prolific toques on Twitter.

When Moe’s Southwest Grill heard that the annual BlogHer Food conference was coming to their hometown of Atlanta, the marketing department scrambled.

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