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The sandwich generation

Today’s diners see sandwiches as a healthier, fresher more affordable choice—especially in the quickservice segment.

A day in the life of a forager

Connie Green, who gives herself the title “head huntress,” is a professional forager and the author of The Wild Table (Viking Studio, 2010). In the wee hours of the morning, she sets out from her Napa Valley home to hunt down exotic mushrooms and other wild ingredients for picky chefs and top restaurants. We sat down with Green to find out exactly what a professional forager does.

When folks in the restaurant business are asked to name their favorite dishes, it’s not easy to narrow down the choices. But our team of passionate industry insiders dug into their collective food memories and came up with their top picks. Tacos, french fries, steaks and pig popped up on a few lists, but there were plenty of surprises, too.

September to January is peak season for winter squash—all of which share hard shells, yellow-to-orange flesh and great nutritional profiles. “The large...

The current farm-to-fork mindset is changing the way restaurants buy produce.

Local, fresh and seasonal are the sourcing mantras at this 40-unit Northwest regional concept. So when the R&D team decided to revamp last year’s grilled salmon sandwich for this year’s fall LTO, they partnered with a new sustainable supplier to source the fish.

With over 3,000 varieties of pears grown worldwide, there is fruit available in almost every month of the year.

Dead roaches count for fewer points than the live bugs. A carton of moldy tomatoes sitting on the basement floor is a red flag—even if those tomatoes belong to another tenant in the building. And arguing with a health inspector means automatic failure.

Call them starters, small plates, bar food or even tapas—appetizers are seeing a lot of action. And it’s not all that surprising. Today’s thriftier restaurant customer wants to explore exciting flavors and ingredients without spending a fortune.

When a Denver franchisee told Katy Malaniak, Quaker Steak & Lube’s senior director of food & beverage, “We really need to do something with queso,” she jumped on the idea for The Lube’s fall LTOs.

Tomato lovers may start getting gloomy as summer draws to a close, but there are still plenty of reasons to rejoice. Local red, yellow, orange, purple and striped beauties are at their peak well into September and even October, depending on locale. And restaurants are going beyond salads and BLTs to make the most of them.

Last September, First Lady Michelle Obama and the USDA challenged chefs, school nutrition professionals, students and community members to create an imaginative, nutritious, kid-approved recipe that schools could easily incorporate into the National School Lunch Program.

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