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10 takeaways on plating produce

At the Produce Marketing Association’s annual foodservice conference, presenters demonstrated that now is the time to give vegetables (and fruits) star treatment.


Wacky weather driving food costs out of whack

Fruit and vegetable prices had been fairly stable, but some commodities are showing the impact. Chief among them may be rice.

Everyone wants to know the next big thing. Senior Editor Pat Cobe zeroes in on the menu items and restaurant features that are coming into vogue.

More than 50 percent of the U.S. fruit, vegetable and nut supply comes from California, which could be bad news for some operators if the drought continues.

New products have played a key role in Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s turnaround. Here’s how one of the newest made it to the Delta-inspired chain’s menu.

Think millennials are demanding guests? Try going to a restaurant with a bunch of Boomers—or waiting on their table.

Serving the morning meal is last decade’s news (or older) to sister concepts Village Inn and Bakers Square. Instead, they’re trying the allure of customization and upscale item.

All-day breakfast is building sales for concepts that deliver on trends.

A remodel, which Playa Vista, Calif.-based California Pizza Kitchen is calling the “next chapter,” was tested at a California site before rolling out to Chicagoland.

To keep your concept a few steps ahead of the competition, here is a look at what’s next—those products that take a deeper dive into emerging trends.

Halfway through 2015, prognosticators already are predicting what the industry can expect next year. Here are five trends that Technomic highlighted during its recent event in Chicago.

Lower gas prices and higher employment are quickening the industry’s top-line growth, according to updated figures.

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