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Innovating for a cause

See how an ice cream concept is "rescuing" food scraps to boost sustainability and marketing power.


6 plant-forward dishes

In these six recipes, plant foods such as vegetables, grains and nuts are complemented with flavorful ingredients and, in some cases, small amounts of protein.

A lack of supplies and staff means a restaurant must wing it.

These five seasonal recipes take advantage of the abundance of late summer and early fall vegetables, transforming fresh, seasonal produce into inventive side dishes.

The reigning fall flavor may be losing favor

These five recipes highlight the fresh flavors, aromatic seasonings and healthy cooking styles that characterize the Mediterranean region and its unique cuisine.

Tap into consumers’ changing eating habits to uncover new opportunities for menuing starters, small plates and snacks.

Tailgating customers and TV fans alike will appreciate these variations on nachos, wings, pizza, sliders and guacamole. Gear up for football season with these recipes.

As the skies darken, restaurants are lighting up with specials.

It’s peak season to build a summer salad around the abundance of fresh produce that’s now available. These salads feature summer’s best fruits and vegetables.

These operators are going beyond the expected to repurpose trash into innovative menu items.

Dedicated snack menus are on the rise in casual dining to capture anytime eaters.

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