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7 menus that move turkey out of its comfort zone

Chicken still rules the roost, but consumers want to see more turkey on menus.


Bowl meal recipes

Some chefs are jumping on the bowl trend by crafting composed meals, layering flavors and foods that work well together and are convenient to eat.

As dayparts continue to blur, restaurants are grabbing between-meal customers with unique flavors and global foods.

Many of these less-familiar cuts are lower in cost, and adapt well to bold seasonings and global dishes. Start with these recipes to explore some unique meat cuts.

The island is full of surprises that are adaptable to American operations.

Adding or expanding brunch can boost customer counts—but it doesn’t come without challenges.

When Asian chain Wagamama opened its first New York City restaurant in November, it also launched its first brunch menu, starring a breakfast-inspired version of ramen.

The earliest local greens, berries and other seasonal produce is are arriving to freshen up menus. The timing is right to incorporate spring produce into the lineup.

5 operators are pairing the bird with more than waffles.

The majority of consumers (57%) eat a burger at least weekly How do you make a burger craveable? Start with signature touches, like these recipes do here.

Operators are betting that NCAA basketball fans will eat up these special deals.

Call them downsized entrees, appetizers or tapas, small plates are not going out of style anytime soon. Click through for that recipe and four others.

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