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Water-ballooning old thinking at Summer Brand Camp

The industry’s un-conference provided an opportunity for the off-center to have the center stage.

The week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Bombshell revelations edition

Cracker Barrel plans a fast-casual entry, chains stress there’s actual cooking in their kitchens, fast-food breads rise into more exotic territory, employers detail their pay ladders and Chipotle reveals its throughput and why franchising is unfair to talent.

Phil Romano has a knack for creating restaurant concepts that set industry standards. His next venture: Sharing that knowledge with the next generation of restaurant entrepreneurs.

The latest business departure of the ever-diversifying coffee giant calls for the launch next month of a fast-casual burger place hiding in a café.

Adjustments in tech strategies, a big promotion that slipped past unnoticed, why every big chain should be scared and the day fast food lost its mind.

Putting a value on Red Lobster isn’t a done deal in the view of some Darden Restaurant shareholders. And the only things sharper than their pencils appear to be their tongues.

If colleagues attended the NRA Show and you didn’t, grant them some deep-thought time. They’re likely grappling with new necessities that mandate changes in their attitudes and ways of doing business. You may want to sit at their feet and get a download, Grasshopper.

Telling fact from science fiction isn’t always easy at this year’s tech-rich National Restaurant Association convention. See if you can determine which advancements in restaurant technology are real, and which you can still only find on the Enterprise.

Shareholders fail Chipotle’s Steve Ells and Monty Moran. Outback tries to turn C’s into A’s—if it can find enough opportunities. And fast casual dominates the honor roll—again.

Many industry savants see service as the area where restaurants can distinguish themselves. Then why are so many trying to cut server-customer interaction?

Taco Bell sets breakfast goals, Outback’s Tim Gannon assumes a new mission, Famous Dave’s exits the interior-design business and an acquisition puts a little-known consumer heartthrob on a fast growth track. If that’s news to you, read on.

The café chain says it will roll tableless urban formats, pick-up stations, delivery service and several new ways of interacting with patrons.