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3 things chains can learn from independents

The operators of independent restaurants enjoy a latitude and authority their counterparts on the chain side couldn’t imagine exercising. But maybe they should.

The week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Fighting back, round 2

A flash of defiance that led to a special edition two weeks ago has surged into an out-and-out trend of restaurants telling their adversaries, "No more of that." Here's the fight card for Round Two.

A labor group that claims to fight exploitation isn't above using some questionable leverage itself.

A surreal labor ruling and other insane moments in the industry this week.

Operators decided this week that enough was enough. Fisticuffs erupted.

If there were any lingering doubts that technology is pushing beyond the IT department to reshape every discipline represented in a corporate headquarters, they were laid to rest at FSTec, once an industry conference for restaurant CIOs. At this year’s event, you were as likely to hear a question posed by a marketing, HR or ops specialist as you were to catch two tech heads speaking in their tribe’s peculiar code.

Digital advances are coming with some lingual ones as well. Here’s how the restaurant industry glossary is being rewritten to reflect advances on the tech front.

Sometimes the hottest emerging restaurant trends feel very much like ones the industry has known before. This week is a case in point.

Here’s a speed reader’s guide to the point and counterpoint over who has the better turnaround plan for Olive Garden.

Recent articles online and in print have drawn considerable feedback from readers. We share some of it here in hopes of sustaining a dialogue.

We apologize in advance if this issue raises your dry-cleaning bill. The risk of spitting out coffee is definitely at Wet-Nap Four, and not because of surprises plumbed from the gee-wiz file.

Who said established restaurant brands can’t be daring tradition breakers? Olive Garden, Burger King, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Chipotle took risks that made us do a double-take this week.

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