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Swiping a page from Starbucks’ magic book

Its success may seem like hocus pocus, but we’d all do well to learn a few of this company’s tricks.

The week’s 5 head-spinning moments

Signs of new concept development for Texas Roadhouse, more revving in the better-pizza category, evidence that Peyton Manning can always wear Papa John’s jersey, Domino's fall in casual dining and more tech talk. Lots, lots more.

A conference for the menu planners at colleges, hospitals, nursing homes and other so-called non-commercial venues provides restaurateurs with rich food for thought.

Neck braces were needed this week after chains signaled a major shift in their value strategies, Panera disclosed intentions to drop its one-size-fits-all mentality and Jack in the Box discovered a lot can happen in a minute, never mind two.

If a restaurant staff knew how much a broken dish or glass cost to replace, they might be more careful when handling it—especially if they benefited from the savings in breakage.

Chains get real about their food, a different view of mall restaurants’ prospects, giving the French some credit and the high cost of a halo.

The biggest danger of neck injuries this week came from surprising tech developments, but new service initiatives dropped some jaws, too.

It had been just a bad memory: Smokers raising hell in restaurants that dared to curb their vice, and the health-minded leaning hard on operators to snuff out second-hand smoke.

The merger is proceeding as planned, but a regulatory review could buy nervous restaurateurs as much as nine months without significant changes.

The Super Bowl game was a snorer, but the action between plays provided some noteworthy moments for restaurateurs.

Here are some fixes it would have been wonderful to make, if only reality hadn't gotten in the way.

Restaurants take bytes, lemons get a bad rap, Starbucks makes a case for steroid testing, few brrr’s about the cold and how Chipotle is serving the flexitarian.

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