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Fears of labor crackdowns are running high, survey finds

A survey of employers finds soaring worries about overtime regulations, joint employer actions and discrimination charges.

Denny's revamps a breakfast staple

A marketing blitz will promote the latest step in the chain's ongoing menu overhaul.

The increases will come this fall.

One of the leaders dealing with the tragedy's aftermath is no stranger to the industry.

With labor expenses set to soar, industry newcomers are showing the industry how to put robots to work. Meanwhile, Taco Bell is testing a way to replace humans with tech. Here's a roundup from the edge of automation.

Two tweets alleging people had gotten sick triggered fears of another crisis, but the chain says there is no problem.

When tempers run high over matters as diverse as boys seeing what they perhaps shouldn't and who'll be playing with Steph Curry, nightmares erupt for restaurants. And don't even mention condiment controversies. Here are five examples that prove the point.

An internet report suggests the burrito chain is using a proxy to get into the industry's largest segment.

Details about Mark Crumpacker's alleged cocaine buys show he ordered the drug during some of the chain's bleakest moments.

An assistant manager of the Eatzi's in Dallas says a recording shows why she wants $1 million in damages.

A programming error temporarily put the increases into effect last week, prompting the chain to reveal that the “adjustment” could be as much as 30 cents per beverage.

Mark Crumpacker is accused of buying cocaine from a sales ring that delivered.

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