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4 surprises dropped on restaurant investors last week

Even if you don't hold stock in the restaurant chains that made financial news last week, you'll likely find these tidbits shared with investors to be of interest.

Soft drink tax on tap for Boulder?

An advocacy group has taken the initial step toward putting a sugared-drink tax initiative on the November ballot.

The first wave closed over the weekend, with more to come during the next year.

In addition to revising the tip credit, officials have proposed raising the minimum wage to $15.

The financial results released late yesterday show industry-leading growth in several areas. Here's a sampling.

Can there be too much transparency in the restaurant experience? Ask the staff that's about to wait on 22,000 naked customers. And that's just the beginning of the disrobing that caught our attention this week.

All-day breakfast and a new everyday deal are delivering both sales and profit improvements.

The barbecue chain is featuring an array of in-between-sized meals this spring.

How do you stand out in an industry that at times sounds like a Ripley's Believe It Or Not list? By being more outrageous and unusual, or course. Here are three examples.

The former NBA star, who became one of the industry's largest franchisees since his retirement in 1987, plans to become a soft-drink bottler.

The detriment to free speech is saying whatever you want, a situation that lends itself to abuse. Just ask a few restaurants.

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