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Wendy's finds more data security problems

Another malware program was detected, signalling that significantly more than 300 restaurants have been compromised.

Steakhouse pioneer Stuart Anderson dies at age 93

The founder of the Black Angus chain hit on the idea of selling a steak dinner for $2.99. His influence on the industry is still evident today.

Pay levels are inching closer to a $15 level nationwide.

The state attorney general says the franchisor is following policies that spare it from pressure to raise wages.

Restaurateurs found themselves in some terrible situations this week. Some might say they really stank.

A pledge to overturn a milestone banking reform law has raised the possibility of letting banks increase the fees they charge to process credit card charges.

The tip credit will rise to $5 an hour, with further increases tied to inflation.

Three powerhouse quick-service chains are tinkering behind the curtain with new prototypes. Here's a peek.

The pathogen isn't killed at temperatures exceeding 160 degrees, a threshold health experts have regarded as a guarantee the bacteria will be destroyed.

Hesitant restaurant leaders were shown this week why their management style may be obsolete.

The two beverage giants are going into the tea business together.

After less than 17 months, the post is empty again.

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