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Blips on the radar: 3 looming issues for restaurants to watch

In a new feature, RB looks at a few governmental issues that are just appearing on the horizon.

Restaurateurs turn to business pros to steer the ship

Entrepreneurs and innovations still push the industry forward, but there’s an undeniable professionalism coloring how the enterprises function as businesses.

What led the franchisee into the restaurant business, and what does he like and dislike about it?

Flynn Restaurant Group’s annual revenues outpace all other influential franchisees. Here’s a comparison.

The size of his operations dwarfs all other franchises (and many restaurant parent companies, as well). Yet Flynn relishes his role as franchising’s poster boy—and he’s the best in the business at it.

The new owner, a veteran of the sports world, says it sees ample room for U.S. growth.

Patrons no longer are charged a single price.

Starbucks gets into diapers, a restaurant has its waiters cross-dress, lawmakers lean on suppliers for a change, and a prominent exec says he’s having second thoughts about people.

The rules were dropped some time ago, but a judge decided the chain had an obligation to let employees know of illegalities.

One of the busiest seasons for bars could add some momentum to the currents quietly remixing drink menus.

A prior private-equity investor has provided about $32 million in additional funds.

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