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A peek inside the chain that might out-Chipotle Chipotle

Jason’s Deli explained why it has embraced health and wholesomeness as signatures, and where that’s taking the menu next.

This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: The industry grows up

Developments ranging from gas-station surprises to signs of cyber fears show how complex the business is becoming.

Technomic’s detailed look at customers brought some unexpected revelations about the restaurant business.

TGI Fridays is taking a different tack than competitors like Chili’s and Applebee’s in its embrace of order-placement tablets.

The former Krystal CEO succeeds Stuart Mathis.

In the rare discount by the chain, patrons can try their sofritas with the assurance they can get a meat-filled favorite later.

The fried-chicken chain also disclosed that 53 units were closed in 2014.

The restaurant industry should say yes to a minimum-wage hike, and focus its energies on determining the size of the increase and the schedule for implementing it.

The House approved a bill yesterday that would narrow the scope of employees who have to be covered, but President Obama has already promised a veto.

The targets include Columbus, Ohio, and Nevada.

The Land Down Under is emerging as the new crucible for possible U.S. restaurant trends.

New research shows which brands restaurant-goers favor in five categories.

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