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Restaurants’ new reality: ‘tax-rate shopping’

Sharp differences in state and local sales taxes are prompting both consumers and businesses like restaurants to alter their shopping patterns.

The week’s head-spinning moments: Expanded strained relations edition

A loud note of disharmony could be heard within the restaurant industry this week, particularly among its Italian combatants.

A Presidential directive to raise managers’ pay is getting far less attention than the push to hike hourlies’ wages, and that’s a head-scratcher.

From c-store hires to tickets replacing reservations and McDonald’s unflinchingly disclosing what it’s selling, the restaurant industry looked at times like it was in a different business.

Reports and speculation about possible restaurant deals merits a look at where M&A lawyers might be making their money next week.

If the staff yells “Nerd alert!” every time you enter the room, read this now.

One by the name of Don shared lessons from a lifetime spent in the business, and how he’s employed them at Firehouse Subs.

A return to COEX yields some stealable practices from restaurateurs you probably don’t know but should.

Its success may seem like hocus pocus, but we’d all do well to learn a few of this company’s tricks.

Signs of new concept development for Texas Roadhouse, more revving in the better-pizza category, evidence that Peyton Manning can always wear Papa John’s jersey, Domino's fall in casual dining and more tech talk. Lots, lots more.

A conference for the menu planners at colleges, hospitals, nursing homes and other so-called non-commercial venues provides restaurateurs with rich food for thought.

Neck braces were needed this week after chains signaled a major shift in their value strategies, Panera disclosed intentions to drop its one-size-fits-all mentality and Jack in the Box discovered a lot can happen in a minute, never mind two.

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