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Oh, that smell

Secretly sniffing your pits to see if that’s the source of the aroma crinkling guests’ noses? It’s probably not your hygiene, Bunky. A new listing of the most atrocious restaurant odors suggests you follow your nose to the back of the house, or even out the back door.

Military proves an exec training ground for restaurants

The publicity benefits of hiring military vets may be as obvious as this story. But many restaurant leaders have a more vivid reminder of the business payback. All they have to do is think of their executive teams past and present—if not their own resumes.

Meet Rita DeSanno. For 25 years she’s served in the Marines, feeding troops for three wars. Now the master sergeant is leaving the Corps and wondering where she’ll find a foodservice job in a private sector where roughly one out of 10 people is out of work.

Established franchisors make big moves, including acquisitions, shuffling management, and entering new markets.

Second generation Wendy's operators bow out of Texas, Bagger Dave's bags its first zee, CKE Restaurants hires a new growth chief, more franchisors extend breaks to vets.

A flurry of deals packs more units into the portfolios of super zees. Plus, Cosi names its best, and Dunkin' heads south.

A new look for a coffee brand, a new growth specialist for two Latino concepts, and deals, deals, deals for several new and established franchisors.

Recent developments of interest to restaurant franchisees and franchisors.

A number of industry veterans try new brands in this week's roundup of news relating to growth chain franchisees and franchisors.

On first blush, it’s like learning Warren Buffett has changed his name to Moonbeam and moved into a commune, one sweat lodge over from Donald Trump’s. Panera Bread, one of the restaurant industry’s biggest financial successes, the proof of free enterprise’s potential, the pin-up above the headboard of so many arch-capitalists, isn’t sold on the whole profit-motive thing.

Ron Shaich opens up about his focus on Conscious Capitalism and how he has found success in the restaurant industry.

Recent developments of interest to restaurant franchisees and franchisors.

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