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Clean Plate Awards

Staff Picks: 2018 Clean Plate Awards

Restaurant Business team members name their favorite dishes of the year.

Consumer Trends

The trends that will shape restaurants in 2019: Technomic’s take

Look for an introduction to Balkan fare, a disruption in third-party delivery and a shift in consumers’ social media use, says the researcher.

Top operators share how they are coping with workforce challenges.

Leading operators share their top concerns—and how they are coping.

The pizza chain was honored, along with TGI Fridays and Zume Pizza, at the FSTEC conference.

There are some well-known names behind the hotel-based concepts on this year’s Top 100 Independents ranking.

Ten Italian concepts made this year's ranking.

Seafood concepts on this year’s Top 100 Independents ranking span the country.

More than 30 steakhouses made this year’s Top 100 Independents ranking.

These are the independent restaurants that made the cut for the first time.

Top operators named these new dishes the most fruitful additions to the menu.

Many of Florida's top-grossing restaurants are located near water, and quite a few specialize in seafood, from crab to sushi. Here are the restaurants that made this year's list.

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