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The big idea: Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass

Olive Garden asked a cross-functional team—finance, marketing, operations, communications and others—to build on its Never Ending Pasta Bowl promo.


5 things restaurants need to know about this week's immigration raids

Here's what went down and what it foreshadows for employers.

See what's shifting in the restaurant investing landscape.

This year saw some challenging developments.

The chain says its signature product is now free of artificial colorings.

If we had our say, here are the trends that would vanish this year.

Can data hold the key to franchisor control over brand standards?

Some of the more senior members of the team smile at the junior staff who are excited to uncover an interesting trend in “eatertainment” or the latest single-ingredient concept. We try not to be condescending when we suggest they do some research by looking at past issues of Restaurant Business or old Technomic top chain reports before calling it the next big thing.

Guests can enjoy prix fixe menus and happy hour deals.

Three hires have been made tied to business development.

The Ragin’ Pepperoni Pizza will be on menus until mid-April.

Discover customers will no longer need to sign receipts beginning in April.