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Shoney's Wall St. woes

On March 26th of this year, Shoney's CEO Steve Lynn met with his shareholders in the fifth floor auditorium of the First American Center in Nashville.

First amendment rice

Citing first amendment protection, a New Orleans judge recently threw out charges of defamation, libel, and unfair business practices leveled against novelist Anne (Interview With a Vampire) Rice last February by Al Copeland, former owner of Popeyes and Churchs.

Pasta brings to mind Sunday nights with my family.

Sandwiches open the gates of creativity.

Think back 30 years ago. Johnson was president. "Bonanza" was a top-rated TV show. "Up, Up and Away" by the 5th Dimension was blaring from transistor radios, and the median family income was less than $10,000.

Imagine fried chicken without mashed potatoes and corn; or ordering a burger, hold the fries; or how about fish on a plate, no rice.

Accuracy in mixing the exact measurement of ingredients is the key to baking.

Childrens' opinions are a powerful part of the dining decision, not only for fast-food restaurants, but also for casual-dining chains that appeal particularly to families.

Poultry is pulling its head out of the sand and strutting its stuff.

What's new again? Big juicy steaks, burgers, and prime rib. After years of eating less of the stuff, Americans have stopped beefing about health woes and started indulging again.