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What gets measured gets done

My challenge has always been to find ways to stay on top of the endless systems, procedures and responsibilities that keep an operation running smoothly and profitably. After all, profit is in the details.

Change is good...You go first

It has been said that younger workers don't like to learn. Maybe it's time to update the training methods to appeal to a new generation. Change can be good...

Did you read the tip on fishing when the fish are bitin'?

Line cooks and waitstaff can sometimes butt heads. How can they be taught to cooperate more effectively? How can communication between the two sides be improved? Try this simple tip.

In order to maintain and increase your market share you need to know how you compare to your competition. A Competition Analysis will help you excel.

The first impression makes a big difference. Make sure your employees know what to say and when to say it so that customers are not left with a lingering...

Did you know that 50% of the perception of your food's quality and taste will be formed before the first bite is taken? Make sure perceptions of your menu...

The smell of baking bread wafts through the restaurant as customers sit and wait (patiently) for the bread basket to arrive.

From the fields of post-war france to the world of casual dining. At least that's how part of the Mimi's story goes.

On a busy night at Houston's in Manhattan, the server approaches with menus, a wine list, and something new.

For years Italian food to most Americans meant Southern-style red sauce, meatballs, and spaghetti.

Strolling into a McMenamin Pub, you're immediately hit with an atmosphere that is nothing like most of its modern counterparts'.

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