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More transparency please

When McDonald’s starts doing something new, you can bet it’s already part of a mainstream trend. Big Mac doesn’t like to take chances.


Wildflower Bread Company's rules of hiring

Founder and owner Louis Basile says they only hire A+ or “A+ potential” recruits using Wildflower’s “five core truths of hiring”:

How do you attract Hispanics to your restaurant? An early-morning session at the Restaurant Leadership Conference answered that question.

President Obama wants to see the minimum wage raised from $7.25, where it’s been for six years, to $9. There’s a better option for helping low-income earners that should be considered.

The hallmark of the fast casual segment has always been the sweet spot it claims: better than QSR, not as expensive as fine dining.

Can restaurant workers perform like magicians? Well, they should at least think like them, argues Kostya Kimlat, magician and owner of Restaurant Magic Business, which places performing magicians in restaurants and consults restaurants on improving customer service. Clients include Orlando-based restaurants and chains like Del Frisco’s and the Melting Pot.

There is a lot known about the new health care law, but there are still some rules left to be sorted out. Regardless, there is enough known that many in the industry are concerned.

In some regards, the Supreme Court decision of June 28 changed nothing about the politics of Obamacare, say foodservice lobbyists.

Pal’s Sudden Service has been teaching classes on Achieving World Class Results, as the title of its signature course says, for a little over 10 years. The classes have attracted corporate officers and franchisees from chains like Bojangles, Five Guys, Panera and Jason’s Deli.

What do picky eaters eat in a week? We have a day-by-day breakdown to offer some insight. Hint: They like carbs.

The bacon ideas just keep rolling this week. A Sunday promotion and its detractors. And more marijuana in restaurants. Smoke ’em if you got ’em in this installment of Week in Ideas.

The 2012 Future 50 has distinguished itself as being one of the most varied collections of menus we’ve ever featured in our annual ranking of the fastest growing small chains in the country. The largest menu category represented—“varied menu”—typifies this.

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