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Farro Waldorf Salad with Grapes

Menu PartSalad
Cuisine TypeAmerican

Yale University
New Haven, Conn.

Menuing a less-familiar grain in a familiar salad is a smart way to win over guests at the salad bar. At Yale University, the kitchen uses farro as the base, combining the cooked grain with seasonal apples, grapes and autumn spices. A lemon vinaigrette ties the ingredients together.


7½ lb. farro or wheatberries
5¾ lb. Gala apples, diced
3 lb. red grapes
15 oz. diced celery
15 oz. walnuts, toasted and chopped
3¾ oz. Italian parsley, chopped
½ cup minced shallots
15 oz. extra virgin olive oil
7½ oz. lemon juice
3¾ oz. apple cider vinegar
9½ tsp. ground cinnamon
7½ tsp. kosher salt
3¾ tsp. ground black pepper


1. Cook and drain the farro or wheatberries as per package directions; cool.
2. In large bowl, combine the cooled grains with apples, grapes, celery, walnuts and parsley.
3. In a separate container, blend together the shallots, oil, lemon juice, vinegar, cinnamon, salt and pepper.
4. Pour dressing over grain mixture and toss gently to combine. Taste to correct seasoning.
5. Transfer mixture to serving platter or bowl.  Cover and refrigerate until service.

Photo courtesy of California Table Grape Commission

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