Fiesta Chicken Wrap

IngredientsPoultry, Vegetables
Day PartLunch
Menu PartSandwich/Wrap
Cuisine TypeMexican

Now, this is a wrap! Corn and Black Beans, Simplot Guacamole and grilled chicken make for a very easy and very tasty wrap.


8 ea Tortilla, 14" wrap, garlic & herb
16 oz Simplot Classic® Frozen, Culinary Fresh, or Freezer Fresh Extreme Supreme® Guacamole, thawed
16 oz Chicken, grilled, sliced
16 oz RoastWorks® Corn & Black Bean Fiesta
4 oz Lettuce, romaine, shredded


  • Spread 2 oz of the Extreme Supreme® on one-third of the wrap, leaving a 2" border on the sides.
  • Prepare and hold chicken slices and RoastWorks® Corn & Black Bean Fiesta according to package directions on a steam table.
  • Place 2 oz of the prepared chicken slices and 2 oz RoastWorks® Corn & Black Bean Fiesta over the Extreme Supreme® on each tortilla.
  • Top with 1/2 oz of the shredded romaine.
  • Fold sides of wrap in and roll as tightly as possible to form a cylinder. Wrap with sandwich paper, if needed, to hold shape.
  • Slice in half diagonally.

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