Red Grape and BBQ Chicken Pizza

IngredientsPoultry, Fruits
Day PartDinner
Cuisine TypeAmerican
Red Grape and BBQ Chicken Pizza

Young diners are huge pizza fans—making it easy to sneak in a serving of fruit with the more traditional toppings. The grapes not only boost the pizza’s nutritional value, they add bright color and juicy flavor that contrasts well with the chicken, mozzarella and sauce.


12 oz. skinless, boneless chicken breasts
3/4 cup barbeque sauce, divided
2 balls (6-oz. each) pizza dough
Unbleached all-purpose flour, for dusting peel
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 lb. fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced into thin rounds, coarsely shredded or cut into small chunks
2 cups red seedless grapes
16 fresh basil leaves
2 tbsp. pecorino Romano cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 440°F. In small bowl, toss chicken breasts with 1/2 cup barbeque sauce. Grill chicken over med. heat until nicely charred and cooked through, about 10 min. Cool and cut into bite-size pieces.
  2. Place a pizza stone in middle of 450°oven or pizza oven. Roll or pat dough ball to 9-in. circle and transfer to peel that is dusted with flour.
  3. Mix olive oil with remaining 1/4 cup barbeque sauce; spread 2 tbsp. sauce over surface of dough, leaving a 1/4-in. border uncovered. Arrange half the mozzarella over top of pizza; place half the diced BBQ chicken evenly over pizza. Top with 1 cup grapes. Repeat with remaining pizza dough, mozzarella, sauce, chicken and grapes.
  4. Slide pizza from peel onto pizza stone. Bake 10 to 12 min. or until crust is puffy and slightl charred on the edge.
  5. Meanwhile, tear basil leaves. Remove pizzas from oven and top each with half the basil leaves and 1 tbsp. pecorino. Slice into quarters to serve.

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