Red Robin to sell diners a year’s worth of burgers

year of yummm red robin

The latest in a rash of pay-upfront deals from major chains, Red Robin will on Dec. 1 launch its A Year of YUMMM burger promotion, allowing customers to buy a year’s worth of burgers for $99.

Customers will have just one day to take advantage of the promotion, which the chain says is valued at $180. Those who purchase the deal—10,000 of which are being offered—will receive a $15 gift card via email each month for the next 12 months.  

“Red Robin’s top priorities are serving up delicious burgers and delivering amazing value, and ‘A Year of YUMMM’ is a special way we are blending the two this holiday season,” Dana Benfield, Red Robin CMO, said in a statement. “Our exclusive burger package will have burger lovers everywhere saying, ‘Thank you’ all year long.”

Au Bon Pain, Smashburger and Olive Garden have all recently marketed pay-upfront passes to guests, the best known being Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass.


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