Restaurant Business magazine goes virtual

We’re bringing the magazine to life in new ways online, and the results are mind-blowing.
rb consumer landing page

During a recent lunch outing at a local cafe, a co-worker and I were drawn to a sign for Donut Gelato. We were a bit skeptical: How much like a doughnut could gelato really taste? But ever the dedicated reporters, we decided to try a free taste (I should also mention that reporters are a cheap bunch). We were nothing short of astonished. The gelato tasted exactly like a cake doughnut, only in a cold, creamy spoonable format. Mind. Blown.

We are hoping you’ll have a similar reaction to the new section on our website, RestaurantBusinessOnline, dedicated to “The Consumer.” It’s scheduled to unveil around the same time as you’re receiving the January issue of Restaurant Business magazine—and that’s key, as our goal is to deliver the same level of excitement and engagement with our digital content as we do in print.

A ton of planning, thought and collaboration goes into creating the articles in RB magazine. And our January issue is perhaps the best example of that effort in action. It’s our third annual issue all about the consumer. Cover-to-cover, through articles, infographics and profiles, we deliver actionable insights and data to help you understand today’s diners—what you need to know to attract them, impress them and keep them coming back. And we’re constantly tweaking the design and structure of those stories to make sure the information is fresher, smarter and even easier to digest.

One example was inspired by Technomic—the market-research firm that joined our corporate family last fall and that provides the data fueling our consumer reports this month. You’ll now see “executive summary” at the start of each feature, followed by similar callouts at the bottom of subsequent pages. The idea: a quick, high-level takeaway on the topic. If you have time to read nothing else, read these.

Now, we’re bringing that same thought, planning and collaboration to our storytelling on the website. There’s no longer a disconnect between what’s in print and what’s online. When you go to RestaurantBusinessOnline.com/consumer, you’ll land on a page with the same exciting, innovative award-winning design style that has become Restaurant Business magazine’s signature—with one important distinction. This is not the magazine just plopped on the website. It’s an interactive experience designed uniquely for the Web, however you interact with it, be that on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

Similarly, while you’ll be able to find the same articles that appear on these pages in a format that you can easily email or post to social media, you also will see additional content available only online. There are videos of consumers, a ranking of millennials’ favorite chains, a listing of consumers’ favorite chains that franchise and more. It’s a deeper dive into the research, interviews and insights delivered in a way that’s easy to navigate, read and share.

Watch for more of these online special reports throughout the year. And as always, we are eager to hear what you think about the new experience. So please let us know by emailing me at kkillian@winsightmedia.com.


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