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Buffalo Wild Wings

4 stabs at clipping wing prices

Spiking wing prices are forcing chains to explore alternative ways of skinning a chicken.


As snacking rises, here's how to lure snackers' attention through the menu

Operators are turning to both obvious and catchy names for new menu sections that tap into the snacking trend.

The soccer global series exposed the brand to the growing ranks of soccer fans, boosting second-quarter comp sales 7.7 percent at company stores and 6.5 percent at franchises.

An investor has set up a website to make its case that the brand's direction should change. The site also invites franchisees to share improvements they'd like to see in the chain's business practices.

With change coming to the restaurant industry at warp speed, here's a snapshot of developments that signal where we might be barreling.

Think a restaurateur’s job is aggravating already? Consider how developments of the last week are complicating the work.

Here's a look behavioral shifts that may impact restaurants this year.

Diversified Restaurant Holdings is pursuing a sale or other extraordinary option.

Operators brainstormed ways to address hyperlocal demand, block an end run on raising labor costs, and foster more licensing business.

A limited-service riff is one of the formats the casual chain says it's exploring to deliver better returns.

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