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Millennial parents sway kids drinks

Millennials want to make sure that their tots’ food is on par with their own expectations, so what is it that they want their kids sipping on when they dine out?


Restaurant marketing turns weird

Difficult times have brought extraordinary measures, including these off-the-wall attention hooks.

To say that Brown’s Chicken, a fast-casual chain with 29 locations in the Chicago area, was hit hard by the recession would be an understatement: Owing more than $10 million to creditors, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009.

Dips, spreads and dressings are star performers in the bold, complex and authentic flavor profiles popular today.

As the chain’s cole slaw sings its swan song, a new side featuring kale and broccolini will hit the menu.

Where do consumers prefer to buy a cup of coffee when convenience is key? Here are their top choices, across restaurants and convenience stores.

Restaurants are reformatting their layouts and processes to accommodate the shift in their business toward takeout, delivery and catering.

Poultry is pulling its head out of the sand and strutting its stuff.

WASHINGTON, DC (October 27, 2011 - Marketwire)—The Food Safety Summit Executive Educational Advisory Committee (EEAC) has developed a three day conference...

Demonstrators outside Roka Akor and other area eateries are protesting the nonunion construction company that built them, shining light on labor issues.

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