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Your consumer lingo decoder ring

Getting a better handle on the consumer could require a change in your vocabulary. Repeat after me …

Bravo Brio CEO Saed Mohseni to become Bob Evans’ chief

But he won’t make the move for seven more weeks.

Customers rate the best and worst quick-service restaurant chains for bathroom cleanliness in a recent Technomic survey.

Consumers rate the brands they see as the top players in takeout.

The LTOs Six sandwich builds featuring two proteins—panko breaded cod and breaded whole breast white meat chicken—prepared in a choice of three flavors:...

What restaurant design trends will restaurateurs and customers be talking about tomorrow? We spotlight trends that push form and function.

Here's how sports-centric restaurants boost restaurant sales when the local team is falling flat.

In the last few years, the build-your-own Chipotle-style fast casuals really hit their stride, expanding into almost any type of cuisine people could think of.

Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s and Starbucks show the greatest divide among Democrat and Republican diners in a new survey.

It's summertime. Warm nights, bar-b-ques, picnics, and casual get togethers fill up the calendar. Dazzle your friends, family and restaurant associates with your knowledge of food.

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