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Chick-fil-A’s U.K. test location will not get a new lease

The six-month pilot location, a test of its international expansion strategy, will reportedly lose its lease amid pushback from LGBTQ activists.


Chick-fil-A introduces mobile dine-in ordering

Guests can now order from their phone at a table inside participating restaurants.

Chick-fil-A remains the top brand among young consumers, according to a semiannual Piper Jaffray survey.

The chain said it has met its goal of eliminating antibiotics from its chicken supply.

Based on Technomic data, the chain’s chicken sandwich frenzy was bad news for two big rivals. But now it faces pressure to get its supply chain back, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Consumers rank their top 10 favorites from a field of hundreds.

The dish will be offered as a snack, a side for lunch and dinner, and as a catering option.

Operators are asking the company to develop a better chicken sandwich as its traffic in the Southeast stalls.

This week’s edition of "A Deeper Dive" features Technomic’s Joe Pawlak talking about the future of the Top 500.

RB’s The Bottom Line looks at what it would take for the chicken concept to overtake McDonald’s and Starbucks to be the country’s largest restaurant chain.

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