Chipotle Mexican Grill


Chipotle plans massive employee retraining after foodborne illness source ID’d

A bacterium found in food left at improper temperatures is to blame for the recent outbreak that sickened nearly 700 in Ohio.


Chipotle hopes its burritos are better with bacon

The fast-casual chain is also expanding its market tests of nachos and $2 tacos.

Samples have been sent to the CDC for further tests.

In the latest edition of RB's podcast, "A Deeper Dive," we also talk about Chipotle’s recovery from food safety-related sales challenges.

Strong sales on the day word spreads of another potential outbreak show consumers' fears of the chain might be easing, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The criminal enterprise is believed to have swiped credit card information for 15 million consumers.

The number increased dramatically after initial reports of a possible outbreak over the weekend.

Digital orders surge nearly 60% thanks to a free guacamole offer.

The company’s stock fell 7% after people reported getting sick at a location in a Columbus suburb. The restaurant was set to reopen Tuesday.

But traffic is down as the company works on efforts to lure more customers.